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About The National Restaurant Owners Network

About Us

The National Restaurant Owners Podcast has always been about community, and sharing experience, insight and knowledge in an effort to increase the success rate of independent restaurants in this country. Now, with this network, we can provide value, connect, and support one another on a consistent basis in a way that no other network has done before.

Let's face it - it's a lonely existence, built on passion, and fueled by an intense desire to serve our communities. But, from time to time, there are issues, questions, concerns, that are often very unique to us as owners, but as a community - we can come together and provide a solution.  

Why You Should Join Us

The National Restaurant Owners Network provides you with access to some of the most successful hospitality professionals in the country. 


  • 30 min "Welcome Call" w/ Kyle
  • FREE copy of the "One Page Business Plan" template
  • Access to workshops with guests from the show
  • LIVE weekly workshops
  • Discounts on services and programs from sponsors
  • Expert recommendations on wide variety of services, technology platforms, equipment etc...
  • Ability to connect with industry experts and fellow restaurant experts in your local market
  • Discounts on consulting and coaching services
  • Demonstrations and "deep dives"
  • Active community of restaurant futurists
  • Above all - community & support.